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Just Cause: A Union Guide To Winning Disciplinary Cases by union attorney Robert M. Schwartz is the first new look at union discipline principles since “the seven tests of just cause” propounded by labor arbitrator Carroll Daugherty in 1965.

Just Cause brings the seven tests up to date by discarding tests that have not been accepted by other prominent labor arbitrators and adding the established principles of progressive discipline and mitigating circumstances.

Just Cause will be used every day by stewards, officers, and other union representatives in both the United States and Canada. It has been called “An instant labor classic” by Larry Hanley, International President, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) AFL-CI0/CLC.

Since 1987 unions and other readers have purchased over 1.2 million of our handbooks. Some unions buy copies each year for new stewards, officers and staff members. Many university labor studies programs use the handbooks in courses.

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